Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Third Chair

I do a gaming podcast every week called The Third Chair. What is it? Well, basically, my co-host (The Gaming Goose) and I sit down with a rotating third panelist and discuss three gaming news stories. They range from the serious, to the absurd, to the downright hilarious. So far, we've had on Leon Thomas - the host of Heart of Gaming, Ekanaut - Executive Producer and Art Director at Uber Entertainment, DJ Arcas - the mind behind FortressCraft, and we just wrapped up an episode with Ed Glaser of Dark Maze Studios!
We're moving to our new home at Nerd Vice! Right now you can find our shows hosted at blip.tv; but mp3 downloads and an RSS feed will be coming soon! Hold tight!

Episode 1 - The Gaming Goose, Vira Gunn, and Stephen Chast.
Episode 2 - Leon Thomas, Vira Gunn, and Stephen Chast.
Episode 3 - Ekanaut, Vira Gunn, and the Gaming Goose.
Episode 4 - DJ Arcas, Vira Gunn, and the Gaming Goose.
Episode 5 - Ed Glaser, Vira Gunn, and the Gaming Goose.

Please feel free to leave a comment with any feedback! We're always looking for ways to improve or ideas for guests!

Also, there's a donate button in the left hand column. Any donations will be forever appreciated and go towards the purchasing of equipment to help me improve the show. With the launch of Nerd Vice and the work that goes into it, donations are appreciated now more than ever! Help us make the best product possible for you, fellow nerds!

Thank you so much for everyone who is listening and here's to many years to come!

-- Vira.

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